What We Do

What We Do

We aim to uncover unique consumer insights that yield actionable and financially viable marketing solutions for consumer-focused businesses as well as the firms looking to buy or grow them. In old school terms, we strive to conduct business at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Wall Street that entails the following:

Marketing Consultancy

  • We partner with ambitious brands to leverage our marketing prowess in creating better performance, new innovations or marketing accountability.
  • We love working with Agencies to help them champion more modern growth and impact-focused compensation practices
  • We only work with good people who are as nice as they are smart

Investment Fund

  • We like paying customers as the crux of any business plan
  • We have invested primarily in seed and Series A rounds, as well as "sidecar situations" with investment firms looking for marketing expertise to increase a businesses' performance. Think of us more like micro-private equity given our desire to impact operational performance via brand thinking.
  • We work with Private Equity and other investment firms to conduct diligence (pre-purchase) or serve as an acting Chief Marketing Officer for operating units to make marketing more accountable (post purchase)

Most critical to our successes are the partners we work with, which is why we are not built for all. At the end of the day, the most crisp, sound criteria mean little without team chemistry. We seek engagements where there are mutual levels of commitment, team cohesion and clear, common goals.